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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Jimmy LaFave

A one of a kind golden tone, slightly weathered, slightly smooth like a good straight whiskey shot but like nothing you've heard before, because his phrasing is from another planet, literally turning the melody inside out by placing words where they've never fallen. Only Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson, buzzed on the finest medicinal pot and bourbon money could buy, could comprehend the mastery of how Jimmy's lips release a lyric into the universe.

        ~ Ellis Paul

The Project

In March of 2020, LaFavorites gathered at Jimmy’s former studio, Cedar Creek Recording in South Austin, to record the songs. The project was co-produced by Marvin Dykhuis and Chip Dolan, and engineered by Fred Remmert, John Silva and Andrew Hernandez, three engineers who had recorded most of Jimmy’s records. All participants were invited to contribute ideas and musical parts for both songs, making the experience a truly collaborative effort. 

Amazing how it’s more than the words, more than the melody…how there’s something about an artist’s style that strikes a chord inside you that is true and right…Jimmy LaFave’s music has this authenticity.


Upon Jimmy telling Chip Dolan of his diagnosis, Chip wrote two songs inspired by LaFave’s original compositions along with borrowing lyrics from songs written by Bob Dylan and Gretchen Peters—songs Jimmy also recorded and made popular. Based in Austin, Texas, Chip plays keyboards, accordéon and guitar with his own band, Grouchy Like Riley. He is a studio musician on many Austin recordings and tours with numerous artists as he had many times in Jimmy’s The Night Tribe.


Chip conceived of this project honoring LaFave and fine-tuned his two songs with a group of collaborators now called LaFavorites. LaFavorites are friends, bandmates, touring companions, and session players who worked with Jimmy LaFave.  All participants were invited to contribute ideas and musical parts for the songs, making the experience a truly collaborative effort.


The profits from this LaFavorites project will be directed to associations that assist musicians, including the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM).


LaFavorites are a group of friends, band mates, touring companions, and session players who worked with or were friends of Jimmy LaFave.

The Band in Cedar Creek Studio.jpg

Andrew Pressman, Marvin Dykhuis, Phil Hurley, Dalis Allen, Bobby Kallus, John Silva, Ray Bonneville, Fred Remmert, Stewart Cochran, David Webb, Chip Dolan, John Inmon, Eliza Gilkyson, Slaid Cleaves, Larry Wilson, Glenn Schuetz, Rick Richards

We would also like to thank Danny Britt, Jeff Cook, Cash Edwards, Christina Fajardo, Pat Marshall, Terry Tammadge, Jesse LaFave, Jackson LaFave and Ashley Warren.


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